Reflective Mind Hypnosis Specializes in Hypnotherapy, Stop Smoking and Weight Loss.

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We have RELOCATED to the beautiful city of

Harlingen Texas


Ph.: 956-622-7989  Cell: 956-517-9111                                                                                                                                                  



Hypnosis works; there is no doubt about it. Hypnosis may seem a bit mysterious, but the principles are simple, natural, and safe. I have yet to meet a person that could not benefit from hypnosis.

How can a person overcome bad habits, negative feelings, fears and phobias after years or even decades of struggle with just a few sessions of hypnosis?  This is the power of hypnosis! But power of a partnership with a trusted hypnotist who is skillfully guiding you through the process makes hypnosis that much more powerful.  

Hypnosis can be a healthy, non-invasive solution for a variety of problems. We offer help with:

low self esteem - lose weight - quit smoking - pain - depression
memory problems - gambling addiction - confidence motivating
sexual dysfunctions - relationship problems - headaches
eating disorders - weight loss - sleep disorders
panic attacks - agoraphobia - anxiety - road rage/aggression
stress management - creative blocks - procrastination problems
behavioral disorders - improve productivity - public speaking

……AND so much more


 So, which do you think you think you should try first? (This is a test!)  You owe it to yourself to explore EVERY option to improve your life without the need for drugs and wasting a whole lot of time and your hard earned money.



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